IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca is an international Graduate School and Institute of Technology which acts as a research university with the aim of forming human capital —in specific regards to its PhD programs— in disciplines characterized by their highly applicative potential.
IMT strives to reach the fusion of theoretical comprehension and practical relevance.
The following goals are found at the core of IMT’s mission statement:

  • to establish itself as a research center that promotes cutting-edge research in key areas, structuring its Ph.D. Programs in close connection with research activity;
  • to attract bright students, researchers and scholars through competitive international selections;
  • to contribute to technological innovation, economic growth and social development.


IMT Institute for Advanced Studies is characterized by three unique yet interrelated identities; it can be simultaneously defined as a Graduate School, an Institute for Advanced Studies and an Institute of Technology.
Within the IMT Graduate School, the integration between research and education is designed around two broad multidisciplinary research areas (Economics and Institutional Change, Computer Science and Applications), which, while stemming from the fundamental concept of “The Sciences of the Artificial” (Herbert A. Simon), sustain four PhD programs: Computer Science and Engineering, Economics, Markets and Institutions, Political Systems and Institutional Change and Management and Development of Cultural Heritage.
As an Institute for Advanced Studies, IMT is characterized by its mission to reach the international research frontier and to contribute to push it ahead, concentrating its activities within a limited number of key areas. Moreover, the Institute relies upon an extensive network of scholars and on a variety of contractual solutions to attract a persistent flow of visitors, active in research, teaching, and supervision.
IMT’s identity as an Institute of Technology is defined by the aim of integrating relevance and excellence in research. Against this background, IMT has decided to adopt an innovative organizational model for its activities, which will evolve around a platform called the IMTLAB. IMTLAB is a technological and organizational platform, which exploits the complementarity between the Institute’s distinctive capabilities in global computing, text and data mining, integration and management of heterogeneous knowledge bases and towards applied research. Specifically, IMT seeks to integrate a rich set of macro and micro data mapping onto multiple domains.

PhD Program in Computer Science and Engineering / CSE

The Computer Science and Engineering doctoral program aims at preparing researchers and professionals with a wide knowledge of the foundations of informatics and about its applications within a variety of systems and disciplines.
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Research Area in Computer Science and Applications

The Computer Science and Applications research area supports a broad research agenda regarding the two main fields of Computer Networks and Architectures, and Software Systems for Global Computing. The research groups integrate the efforts of professors, researchers, and PhD students in both theoretical and applied problems, involving many areas and methodologies with a strong collaborative and interdisciplinary flavour.
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